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Walk with Me

Support team Hot Dog Beehonkus as we vehemently stroll at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Saturday, September 28 | 8 a.m.
Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA

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I assume that readers of Hot Dog Beehonkus understand what a demoralizing disease Alzheimer’s is. While I attempt to extract humor and joy from interactions with my father, who is living with mid-stage AD, watching him progress over the past year has been pretty depressing — an experience that must be true for anyone whose loved one’s brain has been hijacked by this illness.

If Alzheimer’s disease hasn’t negatively impacted your life, trust me — it will soon.

More than 5 million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s, and that number will more than triple by 2050.

I don’t know about you, but I’m scared shitless.

Unite with us to beat Alzheimer’s to a pulp and send it running with its tail between its legs!

Donate to team Hot Dog Beehonkus »

Your donation will automatically go to the Alzheimer’s Association, which supports research to end America’s most dreaded disease.

I appreciate your support!

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