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I wanted to have SOME class.

July 15, 2012

As I walked to the parking garage with my new boss the other day, she mentioned her recent visit to the Georgia Aquarium. She seemed particularly enchanted by the petting tank, where stingrays and bonnethead sharks openly float for public stroking. However, because so many children stood in line to canoodle with the animals, she resigned herself to standing back and admiring them from afar.

My boss’ urge to push the children aside reminded me of my family’s trip to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for my Birthday in 2010. Michael Krajewski conducted the ASO’s performance of John Williams’ greatest hits. During the “Flying Theme” from E.T., I nearly cried and couldn’t help but scream “Yeah!!” while the rest of the audience politely clapped.

“Good. Gawd,” Daddy muttered at me.

Despite Daddy’s embarrassment I hollered “I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!” after the Indiana Jones theme. Daddy leaned over and glared at me with The Look of Terror, which left me cowering, shivering and behaving throughout childhood. Even then at age 26 I shut up when shot with The Look of Terror.

Daddy stands with Darth Vader.

Daddy stands with Darth Vader.

Daddy nearly lost it during the Star Wars suite, though, when people dressed as Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Darth Vader waltzed across the stage. Once the program concluded, he scampered outside to the lobby, where the characters waited for families’ photo requests. Disregarding the crowd of kids that already had formed in front of Darth Vader, Daddy busted through them as if they were playing Red Rover.

“Robert!” Mother half-laughed.

“What? I want my picture with Darth Vader.” Still ignoring the line, Daddy rushed to Darth’s side immediately after two young brothers’ photo shoot ended.

In the late ’80s Daddy took us to the Rome Symphony Orchestra every quarter. Today I asked Daddy what compelled him to purchase season tickets.

“Just to enjoy the music,” he shrugged. “I wanted to have SOME class.”

I’m amused by Daddy’s phrasing because it seems that his class does have its limits – beginning with an appreciation of classical music and ending with the patience to wait for a picture with Darth Vader behind a line of kids.

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  1. Timber permalink
    July 22, 2012 5:39 pm

    That STILL makes me laugh every time I think about it. Daddy looks so happy in the picture! I’m glad you posted it.

  2. July 22, 2012 8:59 pm

    That was a great day. I listen to John Williams music all the time on my iPod.

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