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What about this piece of bacon?

September 23, 2012

My parents are the same age and both enrolled at North Georgia College in 1965. However, Mother claims she never met Daddy while attending the university. (My parents’ mutual friend Carolyn introduced them after graduation.) Last weekend Daddy went to the class reunion alone because Mother remained adamant about helping Timber throw me a bridal shower in Atlanta. Luckily their former classmate Mike Sheuerman offered to share a hotel room with Daddy and look out for him the entire time. Because Daddy becomes easily confused and disoriented, I worried about his spending two nights without Mother. Naturally, I sent Mike an obsessive email making sure he would keep a constant eye on Daddy to prevent his wandering away and getting lost.

Mother stayed with me on Friday night to prepare for the shower, and while we drove to Publix to pick up some ingredients, Mike called and requested that Mother put me on the phone.

“Back off,” he said. “Your father is in good hands.”

Daddy doesn’t remember anything about the reunion and asked Mother after he returned home if it has happened yet. Mike gave us minimal details about the weekend’s agenda: a group dinner and a wine tasting. He noted that Daddy definitely has changed – mainly that he has become quieter, a clear contrast to his former boisterous nature.

I mentioned the reunion when I visited Daddy on Saturday.

“It was great!” he exclaimed: his cookie cutter answer to anything regarding recent events.

Daddy mistook a Beggin' Strip for a piece of bacon.

Daddy mistook a Beggin’ Strip for a piece of bacon.

As usual, Mother filled me in on Daddy’s latest comical behavior. Apparently she made breakfast the other day, and as Daddy brought his plate into the kitchen after the meal, he noticed a stray slab of bacon on the counter.

“What about this piece of bacon?” he asked Mother.

“Robert, that’s not a piece of bacon! That’s a Beggin’ Strip!”

Because both Daddy and Mother spent last weekend away from home, they boarded Obi and Winston at Diva Dog, a pet spa and resort in the boondocks. They hadn’t finished a Beggin’ Strip the dog sitter gave them, so Mother randomly placed it near the fruit bowl. If Mother hadn’t been standing in the kitchen, Daddy probably would have eaten it. After all, Beggin’ Strips look particularly juicy and tender. I feel the same about the Beggin’ Strip as I do about the reunion — Daddy probably would have enjoyed it in the moment, and that’s all I can ask for.

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  1. Bob D permalink
    September 26, 2012 3:09 pm

    Bobbin, during the reunion your dad was a bit quieter than normal, but was active and participated in many discussions. I asked him where your mom was and he mentioned she was with you. I’m quite sure he enjoyed himself — and we enjoyed being with him as well.

    Mike Sheurman was a competent companion. They both had a good time.

    Talked to your dad about a visit to MRC together. I’m out of town doing family care business for may aging mother who has begun her decent into dementia and a sister with severe arthritis (hip,knees and other joints replaced — artificial femur and tibia as well). Will try to come up on the net after I return.

  2. September 26, 2012 3:15 pm

    Hey, Bob! Thank you for confirming that my father indeed enjoyed himself during the reunion. One of my colleagues was brought to tears when I told her what great care you took with him over the weekend. “Your dad has amazing friends,” she said. He truly does, and I am thankful for your support!

    Good luck taking care of your family. I hope that your mother and sister are doing well, and taking comfort in each other’s company. It would be great if we could coordinate a visit with my dad so I can see you in person.

  3. Timber permalink
    September 26, 2012 6:04 pm

    I like Mr. Sheuerman’s response to your obsession, though I must admit I also considered contacting him prior to the reunion. I’m glad Daddy had a good time. I’m similarly glad that Mother prevented him from ingesting a dog treat!

  4. September 26, 2012 8:11 pm

    Yeah, Mike seems to have a really good sense of humor. I’m glad to know I wasn’t acting overly paranoid in contacting him before the reunion.

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